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A sculptor of life-size animals, especially horses in realist style, Cammie Lundeen completes many pieces that have natural colors and finely polished texture. She achieves this finish by sanding the completed work with fine grit and then polishing it. Lundeen grew up in rural Kooskia, Idaho, where the family had eight acres of pasture. She spent a lot of time working on ranches and credits her sixth grade teacher for getting her interested in draft horses and showing them in competitions. That teacher also got her a summer job on Mackinac Island, where there are no cars--only horses, and she became the first woman carriage driver. She also attended the University of Idaho, where she was involved in the horse program. Her interest in art paralleled her interest in horses, and she continually sketched, doing primarily animal portraits. At the University, she began working with clay, and then, seeking a place that promoted sculpture with foundries, she went to Loveland, Colorado. There she began working with sculptor Mark Lundeen, and subsequently married his brother, George Lundeen. This alliance made her part of a dynasty of successful sculptors that includes herself, George, Mark, cousin Ann LaRose, and sister-in-law Bets Holland Lundeen. She laughingly refers to this group a the "Flying Lundeens." She and George Lundeen have three children, and she also has nine horses with whom she spends many hours riding and working. Source

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