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Gary Lee Price Artworks :

We have handled the following Gary Lee Price artworks (45 are currently available)

• Ascent Monumental (Available)• Great Contributors - Shakespeare (Available)
• Beginner's Luck Set (Available)• Great Contributors - The Wright Brothers (Available)
• Best Friends (Available)• Harvest Joy Kids (Available)
• Bugs & Bulbs (Available)• Journey (Available)
• Cartwheel Kids, full set (Available)• Journeys of the Imagination (Available)
• Celebration Monument (Available)• Joyful Holy Family (Available)
• Child of Peace - Boy Life Size (Available)• Messenger Female (Available)
• Child of peace - Girl Life Size (Available)• New Heights of Knowledge- A Bigger Picture (Available)
• Children of Peace (Available)• New Heights of Knowledge- Far Away Places (Available)
• Circle of Friends (Available)• New Heights of Knowledge- Great Expectations (Available)
• Circle of Peace - 3 Children (Available)• New Heights of Knowledge- The Thinker (Available)
• Circle of Peace - 7 children (Available)• On the Wings of Freedom (Available)
• Communion Monument (Available)• Pin High Life Size (Available)
• Family Outing (Available)• Puffed Up Prince Life Size (Available)
• Fountain of Youth (Available)• Puffed Up Princess (Available)
• From the Tee (Available)• Soaring (Available)
• Great Contributors - Abraham Lincoln (Available)• Story Time II Life Size (Available)
• Great Contributors - Ben Franklin (Available)• Story Time Life Size (Available)
• Great Contributors - Einstein (Available)• Synergy (Available)
• Great Contributors - George Washington (Available)• Time Out - Boy (Available)
• Great Contributors - Mark Twain III (Available)• Time Out - Girl (Available)
• Great Contributors - Monet (Available)• Windy Days Life Size (Available)
• Great Contributors - Saint Francis (Available) 
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